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About Us


Most of our animals have been rescued from hunting farms and homes where they’ve been illegally and cruelly kept. We offer them a life as close to wild as possible while also taking care of their every need – from health to happiness.

The 140 hectare farm is home to over 20 different indigenous animal species, from zebra to caracal, lions to baboons. Each animal has a unique personality and history and Luke and his team have a strong bond with all of them.

The heart and mind behind this endeavour is Luke Cornell, a famous animal trainer that has worked with countless wild animals during his career. Launched over 15 years ago, we at Cornellskop focus on giving our “furry family” the best life possible, while also giving the public a chance to get to know these wonderful creatures.

During outtings and experiences, our guides educate the guests about the different species. Our hope is to give the public a better understanding and awareness of what a cheetah (for example) needs to survive, or what a zebra enjoys nibbling on. We also hope that this awareness helps to lessen the number of wild animals being kept illegally or used for sport and helps to save them in their natural environments as well.


years of experience in the industry

years since Cornellskop began

different species of indigenous animals

beautiful hectares of land for our animals


Take a walk on the wild side with our animals and guide. Guests start off at the main office and are taken around to all the enclosures for a meet and greet with baboons, zebra, ostriches, meerkats, lions, cheetahs, caracals and more! Our guides are also happy to answer any questions you may have.


This is a once-in-a-lifetime tour for those wanting to truly experience the speed and power of cheetahs! Using a lure at full speed, our guides have the cheetahs run past you at full tilt, giving you a chance to enjoy the moment (and take a few snapshots… if you’re fast enough).

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T: +27 72 490 4050
A: Union Pictures, Van der Stel Pass, Bot River, 7185

Trading Hours: 08H30-16H30 daily

Mountain Biking

E: cornellskopmtb@gmail.com
A: Union Pictures, Van der Stel Pass, Bot River, 7185

Trading Hours: 08H30-16H30 daily


Due to the lack of cellphone reception in the area, please send us a WhatsApp message to the same number if you're struggling to get through.


Our guides are ready to welcome you to Cornellskop! Give us a call or send us a message and we'll get back to you.